Dead at the ripe old age of 54. Vinne Paul Abbott, AKA Vinne Paul,  helped  create the band Pantera with his brother Darrell way back in 1981.

In 1986 after 3 albums Pantera parted ways with their singer Terrence Lee and picked up singer Phil Anselmo after auditioning several singers. This change took the band from glam rock into thrash metal genre that was popular with bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer at the time.

Power Metal would be the first album released 1988 with the new singer Phil. The new album was a bit of a crossroad between their past glam sound and what would be their newer harder thrash power groove sound. However, true transformation would not take place until the following album in 1990, Cowboys from Hell. This album would put the band on the map and keep it there through most of the 90’s……a time when metal was fading and grunge was taking hold.

By the early 2000’s the band  had been through enough and the Abbott brothers decided to start a new band Damageplan.  Tragedy would strike the new band in 2004 while performing at a show when a guy went on a shooting spree while they were performing. Several people were killed including Darrell Abbott who was shot in the head five times. Darrlell’s last words were “Van Halen.” Darrell would be put to rest with one of  Eddie Van Halen’s famous yellow striped guitar from Van Halen II.

Vinnie in time  would go on to play in another band called Hellyeah. In 2007 they would release their first album. The band was to start recoreding on a 6th album. Vinnie passed away June 22.

Bellow is a a diagram of how his death works.