Sequel Trilogy Without the Original Characters

I was thinking the other day. How do you think the sequel trilogy would’ve been received if the characters from the original trilogy weren’t involved? Lets just say that Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill were all dead before there was ever any talk about an Episode VII.

A lot of people’s problems with the sequel trilogy (The Last Jedi for than The Force Awakens) was how the classic characters were handled. I think there were some issues surrounding Han Solo’s death and his decision to return to smuggling in The Force Awakens. I’m sure a lot of people felt like it was reversing what the original trilogy had done with the character. I was completely fine with how he was portrayed, but his death on a bridge with no railing at the hands of his own son was a big topic for a long time after the movie came out.

Then of course you have Luke, and everyone seems to have their own little problem with Luke’s story in the sequel trilogy. Bitter old Luke and his eventual death at the end of the movie was far more controversial. Leia seems to be fairly well received with the exception of the people who had problems with her using the Force in The Last Jedi.

Would the sequel trilogy be better off without all the baggage that came with the original characters? I think we can probably all agree that the films wouldn’t have made the amount of money that The Force Awakens did with no old characters to fall back on, but I do think that people would be much more open minded about a story with entirely new characters.

We will get that story eventually from Rian Johnson and then Benioff and Weiss.