Album Review: Khemmis- Desolation

Formed in 2012, this doom metal band from Denver Colorado were the darlings of underground metal after their first two albums. The band took the slow, heavy riffs of traditional doom metal and incorporated other metallic elements. They used twin guitar harmony, every song has a “Thin Lizzy” part where the guitars harmonize together. They mixed in emotional crescendos akin to power metal. And they mixed clean vocals with harsh vocals.

Now on their 3rd album, would Khemmis live up to the hype or fall flat under the pressure? In short, they knocked it out of the park. Everything good about the first two albums is here, only amplified. The clean vocals soar, and are complimented with touches of backing harmonies. Each song has a great ebb and flow. And instead of going for a good “sound”, they wrote killer songs that sound good. The production work is flawless. Every instrument and voice has its own place. And the low end and drums are punchy.

They are no longer a plodding doom metal band. They write heavy songs that are damn catchy