Han Solo’s Blaster Sells for $550,000!

The prop blaster that Harrison Ford used in Return of the Jedi sold at an auction in Las Vegas for $550,000 dollars. As everybody knows Star Wars memorabilia still seems to be increasing in value each year. While this item is surely a lot of money. Its still no where near the highest amount paid for a Star Wars item. An R2-D2 unit used in several films sold for 2.76 million just a year ago.

The blaster (mostly made from wood) supposedly belonged to Return of the Jedi art director James L. Schoppe and it was one of 40 Star Wars related items at the auction.

Other Return of the Jedi items sold at the same auction including an Ewok axe and a blaster for a Scoutrooper. The Superman suit from Superman III also sold for $200,000 (and that movie wasn’t even good).

What is your most value Star Wars possession?