Old Man From Pawn Stars Dies

Pawn Stars is one of those shows that were inexplicably popular and I’m pretty sure that it still is. I don’t know if its the old people that watch it or what. After a few years of my dad watching it I got pretty sick of it, especially because like all reality shows it becomes obvious how fake it really is.

The old Rick Harrison has passed away according to his son Rick. The “Old Man” was often considered one of the funniest guys on the show. He was pretty much the only one I ever liked. Believe it or not the dude was only 77 years old. I honestly thought he was about 95.

I don’t know if he was on the show anymore of the time of his death, but now they are down to 3 main members of the cast. I’m sure you all know that Chumlee, was involved in a meth operation a few years back and is still involved in the show.

According to the internet. The Old Man was worth about 5 million bucks.