Secret To North Carolina BBQ Revealed

Culinary secrets are normally very guarded secrets. Like Burger Kings special sauce, Bush’s Baked Bean recipe, and KFC’s batter, the secret to North Carolina BBQ has left many guessing what gives it it’s unique flavor.

The Dixie Pig in Oakland Park Florida have let the “cat out of the bag” so to speak. Or should I say they let the “rat out of the bag”.

A video made by a former employee shows the kitchen is overrun with rats.

The video shows rats running on the food preparation tables. It also shows the chef cutting the head off one with a hatchet

The health department was notified and came in to do an inspection. Dixie Pigs was shut down due to 14 health code violations,

According to the state’s report, “fresh rodent droppings” were found throughout the kitchen, including “7 fresh rodent droppings on prep table with cooked meat at cookline.

Are you excited to know the secret ingredient in North Carolina BBQ?

What animal poop do you prefer in your BBQ?

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