Fashion That Pisses Me Off: Capri Pants

Capri pants were introduced by fashion designer Sonja De Lennart in 1948. These 3/4 length pants were named for the Isle of Capri off of Italy.

Capri pants rose to popularity in the 1960’s thanks to Mary Tyler Moore wearing them on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Soon every housewife was parading around in them

These not quite pants/not quite shorts died out by the 1970’s. Only to reemerge in the 1990’s thanks to tennis players.

I just don’t get the purpose. If it’s too warm for pants,

put on shorts

Is there some advantages to getting air to your ankles? You look ridiculous! Like you’re wearing flood pants.

Do Capri Pants piss anyone else off?

Are you a Capri pants wearing bitch?