Should JJ Abrams Be the Head of Lucasfilm?

There have been some rumors circulating the internet (and I’ve tried my best to take it with a grain of salt) that Disney is looking to drop Kathleen Kennedy and replace her as the head of Lucasfilm. I don’t really know where I lean on this. I think there is a good chance that its not true, but many outlets claim that no one wants to take the job. One of the people who were offered the opportunity was The Force Awakens and upcoming Episode IX director JJ Abrams, who supposedly said no.

If this is the case, and Disney really is looking to hand off Kennedy’s position to someone else who should her replacement be? While I wouldn’t be upset about JJ getting the job I would be shocked to see him accept it. The man is possibly the biggest producer in the world right now (arguably a better producer than director). With franchises like Cloverfield, Star Trek and Mission Impossible on his long list of upcoming credits. He also has several TV shows that he’s involved in including Westworld, and the upcoming Stephen King series Castle Rock.

I really love The Force Awakens. Its my favorite movie since the Disney purchase, but I still think I need to see Episode IX before I would ever feel like JJ was the right fit for president of Lucasfilm. He’s known for taking the safe direction and that’s not a good direction for Star Wars’ future.

If the position is really up for grabs some other personalities that could be eligible are Dave Filoni, Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman or possibly Benioff and Weiss. I don’t really care if Kennedy stay or goes as long as she’s replaced by someone that the fans can trust.