Mos Eisley: A Star Wars Story

In all the mess about the Star Wars standalones that came out last week it seems that one pretty cool piece of news didn’t catch any steam. According to Making Star Wars (which has proven to be a good source in the past) there was supposedly crew working on a new standalone film but after Solo’s box office results the studio time was cancelled. That movie was not an Obi Wan movie, not a Boba Fett movie, but a film focusing on the Mos Eisley Spaceport, the area where Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker first meet Han Solo and Chewbacca.

This “rumor” apparently originates from some of the crew that were working in the studio. This could mean many things. If the film in the works really was a Mos Eisley film it could be possible that the film could feature Obi Wan and/or Boba Fett. Obviously Alden Ehrenreich could return as Han Solo too. Who knows what sort of direction Lucasfilm could’ve gone with this. I think its a really interesting idea. We may never really know what Lucasfilm intended because now it looks like the film has stopped dead in its tracks.

There is also a possibility that the crew members believe its a Mos Eisley movie when really they are just using a Mos Eisley set for the now delayed Obi Wan film. If the movie was intended to be an ensemble piece focusing on some of the characters that pop up in the spaceport Lucasfilm may realize that a concept like that is better suited for a TV series. This is all speculation of course.

Also according to this same source it sounds like Benioff and Weiss’ films are expected to start before Rian Johnson’s films. Making Star Wars also claims that the Game of Thrones creators will be working on Star Wars for grown ups, while Johnson’s films were be the more family oriented fare that Star Wars has become associated with.

Would you have been interested in a film revolving around Mos Eisley?