Breaking Bad Cast Reunites for 10th Anniversary

Breaking Bad was one of the more beloved shows of the last decade and is often considered one of the strongest TV series of all time. Hard to believe that its already been 10 years since the show premiered. I actually didn’t even start to watch the show until it had almost reached its final episode, but the last 2 years of the show are outstanding television. The really built up to a fantastic ending. It hit its climax in the show titled Ozzymandias  (which was actually directed by Rian Johnson) and it also had a pretty solid finale too. Lately I’ve considered playing it all the way through again because at the time I found the earlier episodes to be a bit slow at times.

The show won dozens of awards and the cast took some time to reunite for a new Entertainment Weekly issue. Most of the main cast returned for a photo shoot. You can check it out here.

A few cast members walked away with Emmy wins. Bryan Cranston won 4 times during the shows short 5 year run and Walter White is now considered among the best characters in any media form and one of the best anti-heroes. The show aired on AMC while Mad Men and The Walking Dead were both at their peak too.

Creator Vince Gilligan also created a spinoff for Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman character called Better Call Saul with Jonathan Banks also returning.

Were you a Breaking Bad fan?