Monster In The Sky Is Shitting On People- According To Canadian Government

Are You Having A Shitty Day?

I have an update on an earlier story about a Canadian mother and son who had shit fall from the sky and through the sunroof of their car.

The mother, Susan, contacted Transport Canada about her medical bills and car cleaning. She got conjunctivitis in both eyes.

Transport Canada said they have received 18 complaints of people being hit with shit falling from the sky this year. They investigated all 18 cases and find no evidence that the shit was aviation related.

Susan has hired a private investigator to research flight patterns. But she admits that fighting the government is usually a losing fight.

Transport Canada said it could have been a flock of geese. But experts say it would have taken 40-60 geese all shitting at the exact same time to produce the amount of shit that people got sprayed with.

So, if it’s not sewage from a plane, what do you think is shitting on Canadians?

What do you think about experts calculating goose shit?