When Being A Pervert Goes Horribly Wrong

A 32 year old Wisconsin man turned himself in to police and reported he committed a “sex crime”.

The unnamed man, we will call him Stan, to make it easier, told police he had installed a battery operated camera in his shoe to record up woman’s skirts. When Stan tried the camera out, the battery burst into flames and burned his foot. Stan went to the hospital and was treated for his injuries. Well, Stan must be a real winner, because he went and told his mentor what happened, and this guy told Stan he should go to the police. What 32 year old has a mentor? A drug addict or a retard is my guess.

The police decided not to charge Stan with any crime because he hadn’t actually recorded anything. They sent him for counseling.

Have you ever been injured trying to be a pervert?

What’s the most perverted thing you’ve ever done?