This is the Worst Movie I’ve Seen This Year

Sylvester Stallone’s sequel to Escape Plan came out yesterday and I should’ve been smart enough not to watch it because it came out straight to DVD. I’ll admit I sort of liked the first movie but is was basically only interesting because it had Stallone and Schwarzenegger both in leads roles.

Arnie left for this movie, which has half the budget of the first one. As far as Wikipedia shows it looks like this movie was a moderate success so I don’t know why they cheaped out on the sequel. Dave Bautisa is in the movie do, but he’s not really doing anything.

Apparently the first movie did really well in China. So there is a lot of pandering to the Chinese this time around. I think its the only place where this movie is going to be released theatrically.

Escape Plan 2: Hades is probably the messiest prison escape movie I’ve ever seen. I just couldn’t get over how terrible it was. I think it may actually be worse than Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot. Poor old Stallone was nominated for an Oscar like 2 years ago and now he’s putting out straight to DVD garbage.

The worst part of it all. They’re already making a third movie.