You’re Wrong

So I was watching YouTube earlier today, and some jackwagon had set up a table on a college campus with a sign asking people to convince him that there are more than 2 genders. I realize that this was done for the sole purpose of creating an “event,” and not actually designed to gain information. It seems that if you want to sensationalize bad behavior, all you need to do is tell someone (anyone, really), “You’re wrong.” You don’t have to yell it; you don’t have to cuss (although I fucking love to cuss). You will elicit the desired response, and get insult after horrible insult hurled at you.

Most people live their lives in an attempt to avoid such confrontation, opting instead to lighten the discussion with platitudes such as “We can agree to disagree” and “It takes all types,” but in reality, what they are really saying is “You’re wrong.” By diluting your rejection of their incorrect reality, you save their feelings and allow the possibility of misinformation making life harder.

Part of the problem with saying “You’re wrong” instead of a softer version (You’re mistaken for example) is the inevitable conclusion that we are, in fact, wrong about someone else being wrong. Why is it OK to be mistaken but not wrong, and why can’t we just own it?

I’m wrong all the fucking time. I’ve probably made 3 statements in this rant that would qualify as wrong. Is it the PC culture that disallows you, the reader, to tell me I’m wrong? Is there a participation trophy for all keyboard warriors? If there is, you can be assured that you’re wrong.

Here’s what I propose:

  1. Tell someone on the internet that they are wrong (even me if you lack the creativity God gave most vertebrates). – NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS IN PERSON, UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR ASS KICKED. TGO WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BEING A DUMBASS.
  2. Make note of or, if possible, record of the reaction.
  3. Post your records, screenshots and anecdotes to the comments.