Kid Of The Day- Dynamite Kid

Thomas Billington was a British born professional wrestler who went by the name Dynamite Kid. He most famously teamed with his cousin Davey Boy Smith as The British Bulldogs.

Dynamite Kid was know for having an innovative, athletic style of wrestling. Before arriving in the WWF in 1984, he wrested in Japan, Mexico, Canada, and Britain. He would merge all these styles and combine power moves with high flying spots. He was known for his flying head butt.

Unfortunately, this style of wrestling abused his body. Dynamite Kid was forced to retire due to neck problems in 1997. He lost use of his legs eventually. Then suffered a stroke. But that’s not his legacy.

Dynamite Kid was known for being an over the top practical joker, and he backed it up with being a legit tough guy. He was known to put itching powder in peoples clothes. Or putting padlocks on your suitcase.

One of his most famous pranks came against Australian wrestler Outback Jack

Jack challenged Dynamite Kid to a drinking contest. They went to the bar and started drinking. When Jack wasn’t looking Dynamite Kid put Halcion, a powerful sedative, in Jacks drink. When mixed with alcohol it is hallucinogenic. He took Jack back to the hotel room and handed him the phone. He told Jack it was his girlfriend on the line. Jack began to have phone sex with the person and whipped out his dick and began masturbating. Turns out it was legendary trainer Stu Hart, father of Bret Hart, on the phone. To top it all off, Dynamite convinced Jack to go pick up his room service from the hotel restaurant, while Jack was nude.

But sometimes things went too far and people fought back. Jacques Rougeau was a Canadian wrestler.

Once, after a match, he returned to the locker room to discover all his clothes had been cut to pieces. So he went to management and complained about the Dynamite Kid pulling pranks. A few days later Dynamite Kid attacked him while he was playing cards and busted his nose up real bad. So Jacques planned his revenge. He trained hard for about a month at throwing one real hard punch. Then he waited for Dynamite Kid outside of the catering area. Jacques sucker punched Dynamite with a roll of quarters in his hand and broke out 4 teeth. Then mounted him and beat his face brutally.

The best part of the whole story? It wasn’t even Dynamite Kid who cut up Jacques clothes, it was Mr. Perfect