Do You Still Have Cable?

Cable TV seems to be dying more and more from year to year with the popularity of streaming service. According to Variety Netflix is officially the most popular method of viewing, surpassing cable. Now that subscribers can watch movies and TV uninterrupted for minimal cost more and more people seem to be cutting the cord every day.

I subscribe to a few streaming sites. Netflix obviously, Amazon Prime and a Canadian Service call CraveTV, but I still have cable. The main reason is because of live events. I’m not a huge fan of sports, but I love hockey and you can’t stream live events without subscribing to dozens of services and at that point I’d be paying more than the 50 bucks I pay for cable.

As many have predicted, many other corporations will try to get into the Netflix game and content will end up divided over other services. That’ll make it harder to find one streaming platform that has everything you want. Believe it or not, a handful of streaming services pretty much adds up to a cable bill.

Do you still have cable? Or have you followed the cutting cords trend?