Have You Ever Been Scammed?

If I’m not thinking clearly I can be a pretty gullible guy. It may come from being from a small town that I can be fooled by people regularly just because I have no idea otherwise. There are some people that are just smart enough to scam others or people are just stupid enough to fall for them.

I’ve never been scammed in a large scale. I’ve never given anyone my credit card number over the phone and I’ve never sent any Nigerian prince money to pay for lawyer fees either. I have stupidly signed up for credit card to get free Bluetooth speakers and I’ve forked over a lot of money trying to win rigged games at the fair. Then I spend the rest of the day ashamed that I was fooled by an carny.

Fortunately, con artists aren’t really very common in my area. So no one has tried to rip me off big time. I could be an easy target though.

Have you ever felt scammed?