Movie Review- Kids

Kids is a gritty independent film released in 1995. The film, directed by Larry Clark, follows a group of New York City teenagers around and shows their hedonistic attitude about sex, drugs, and violence.

The main characters are two friends. One named Telly, who has a thing for young girls

And Casper, who loves drugs, and may be learning disabled

The plot involves Chloë Sevigny, who plays Jennie, she goes with Rosario Dawson, who plays the character Ruby to get tested for HIV. Jennie is only there for support, but ends up finding out she is HIV positive.

The rest of the movie is her coming to terms with the news and looking for the only person she ever had sex with, Telly.

Many of the actors involved were local NYC talent. And several were members of the Zoo York Skate team

The movie is a bit slow moving at times, there is a lot of dialogue and real life party scenes. Not glamorous Hollywood party scenes. The movie doesn’t end on a happy note. It raises more questions than it answers. But that’s what Larry Clark was going for. He wanted people to question their interactions with others.

This is definitely not a family friendly movie. There are several uncomfortable scenes. But overall it’s an entertaining look at real teenage life in a big city.

Although the two female leads went on to bigger acting roles, Justin Pierce who played Casper would score a role as Roach in Next Friday, but ultimately hang himself a few years later. Also Harold, the black skateboarder, who’s real name was Harold Hunter died of a cocaine induced heart attack in 2006.