What is the Adult Equivalent of Learning Santa isn’t Real?

There are some things that get revealed in life that just hit your like a ton of bricks. It can just rock your world. Being a kid and learning Santa isn’t real can be a big shock to kids. It wasn’t necessary for me, but I’m sure you’re able to understand what I’m saying. What is the adult equivalent of learning Santa isn’t real? That thing that you learn as an adult that makes you realize that your whole life is a lie.

For my dad it seem to be learning that Bill Cosby was rapist. I could think of dozens of things. One would be that finding a quality partner to share your life with isn’t really as easy and movies and TV make it look. Also, the world really doesn’t owe you anything and if you don’t go anywhere in life its probably no ones fault but your own. There comes a time when you can no longer be so naïve and when that day comes its actually kind of sad.