Is the Trix Rabbit Real?

What the fuck is going on with this Trix rabbit the kids are always talking about? You’ve all seen the commercials where this crazy rabbit is trying to steal cereal that kids are eating. I just don’t understand why a rabbit would want the cereal in the first place.

Here is my list of problems with the Trix rabbit.

  • Rabbit’s can’t talk, unless you shoot them and then they scream like a bastard, but this rabbit speaks perfect English and I don’t see any bullet holes.
  • Rabbit’s don’t eat cereal. So does this rabbit want to take the cereal from the kids just so they don’t get to have it? I can’t imagine he’s actually eating the cereal because he probably can’t digest it properly. Rabbits eat stuff that grows in the wild.
  • If a rabbit ever did try to steal cereal it wouldn’t be able to get very far with it because rabbits don’t have hands or fingers. They just have paws.
  • This rabbit has lived for decades, but everyone knows that a rabbit is lucky to live for a couple of years.

So is the Trix rabbit real? It has to be. I just don’t understand how they pulled it off.