Kid Of The Day- Kid Rock

Let’s just get this right out of the way. I hate Kid Rock. With a passion. I’m not going to dive deep into his story like I do with others I cover. I don’t care enough to do it. But here is my take on Kid Rock after seeing the Behind The Music special on him.

He was a rich white boy who got into rap music. He would go hang in the ghetto and pretend to be “one of the boys”. Somehow they bought it. His dad hated black people and Kid Rock had a baby with a black chick while in high school. So dad flips out and kicks Kid Rock out of the house. He goes to Detroit and in his words “Has no job, just hangs around the studio all day smoking weed and making rap songs with some buddies.”

Ok. How the fuck does an unemployed person afford weed and studio time everyday? Trust fund boy! Makes sense. Daddy paid his bills.

So after being fake ghetto boy, he starts to add in rock to his music because nobody wanted to hear Vanilla Ice part 2. Another trend jumping move on Kids part.

Fast forward a few years and the rap/rock thing is all played out. Where does our Chameleon Rock go next? Now he is Bob Seger. A bad Bob Seger at that. A few albums of shitty classic rock ripoffs and it was time for another change.

The rap/rock/ghetto Detroit bad ass suddenly turns into a country hick. He parades around with Hank Williams Jr. He buys land and starts shooting his guns and all that. True blue redneck! Or fake ass bitch. You decide. NO! I’ll decide for you. He is a fake ass bitch!

I think it’s time he drops all the gimmicks and just does what God made him to do. Gay Porn.

That’s my Kid Rock Behind The Music.

Now for my question of the day. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to make a girlfriend/ wife happy?

Since I’ve made my feelings clear about Kid Rock, I’ll tell you my story. It hasn’t happened yet. But in September I’m taking my wife to see Kid Rock play. One of my favorite current country musicians is Wheeler Walker Jr.

Here is a video he made with some black guy singing his song

I would love to see him live, only he never plays anywhere near my shit hole city. Well, the wife says to me “Wheeler Walker Jr is playing here in September. Wanna go?” Hell yeah! We’re there! I tell her. She gets on the computer and I give her my credit card. She buys us two tickets. She gives me the receipt. It says Kid Rock with special guest Wheeler Walker Jr. What in the holy fuck?!?! I’ve tried to steer my wife in different musical directions. We share many of the same favorite bands. Except Kid Rock. She is a fan. Me, uh no. But guess who is getting dragged there in the fall?This guy