The Dichotomy of Comedy: Taking on Kamau Bell

Whenever you watch a comedy special, you have to deal with the stupid to get the laughs (not saying any names, but…). I watched Kamau Bell’s Netflix special, Kamau Bell: Private School Negro, and I thought he was hilarious for the most part. But, of course, I have to take issue with some of the things he said, specifically that a group of people came to his home (Berkeley) with the intention to start trouble, and that the media portrayed the fighting as “Berkeley fighting the Alt-right in the streets.”

Here’s the thing, Kamau. These people didn’t just come to your home; they live there. Yes, you heard me. There are racists in Berkeley. They work in your businesses, they eat at your restaurants, they go to your schools. They are part of your community, just as much as any disenfranchised group is part of mine.

I’m not a racist (well, at least not a very good one). I don’t own a rebel flag or a Klan costume. I’m not gay, either. But even if I were and they had an all-black gay pride parade in front of my house, I wouldn’t go out on my front lawn with a bat and start hitting people. That’s just stupid.

Why can’t the ever-so-tolerant people of Berkeley, California just co-exist like the bumper stickers on their hybrid cars suggest? “We need to show the world that this is not OK!” WHY? Who made you jackasses sheriff?  Yes, the Alt-right “practicing free speech” in a super liberal area like Berkeley doesn’t seem to be anything but a problem, but why can’t everyone else just go on with their day? Go get that half-caf no-foam soy latte and gluten-free quinoa salad sandwich you were dreaming about during your morning yoga (or whatever). Let the assholes say what they gotta say. At least you know where their at.

Here’s an example: everybody hates the Westboro Baptist Church, and they hate everybody. These asshats picket funerals of fallen soldiers for no other reason than to gain attention. They hold signs saying “God hate fags” and other ignorant shit. They have made themselves targets; they have had gay porn filmed on the lawn in front of their church (that’s fucked up funny), and someone bought the house across the street and painted it like a rainbow. Anybody heard any news stories about a violent outbreak, or fighting in the streets of Topeka? (FTR: the “Equality House” has been vandalized).

I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who agreed with anyone on everything. We, as a society, have a group of rules (laws, statutes, regulations) that say you can’t commit violent acts against your FELLOW MAN. Whether the super-liberals in Berkeley would like to admit it or not, their cousin-fucking Alt-right counterparts are their brothers. Pucker up, Kamau. Guess who’s coming to dinner.