I hate it when I’m just minding my own business trying to have a nice bowl of cereal when the collage chick renting a room from me decides to try to take my milk.


Then in the middle of the fight milk spills everywhere god damn it.


The ungrateful bitch can’t leave me alone so I LET HER HAVE HER MILK!


I think that is the end of things but she just gets even more enraged.


That crazy chick comes right at me pushing me onto the couch.


And then she jumps on top of me and attacks me. Well while I was trying to defend myself my big penis accidentally pops out. I can’t help it…it just happens sometimes.


Well in all the fighting the darn thing accidentally slides into her hot wet pussy.


Well once it’s in it’s in and I can’t be rude and take it back out again so I just have to fuck that pussy.


That bitch ruined my breakfast so I make sure her pussy pays the price for what she did…I teach her a lesson.


I hate it when I have to do that but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. She won’t be taking my milk anymore that is for sure.