Kid Of The Day: Garbage Pail Kids

Yesterday we covered Sour Patch Kids, which where a spoof on Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. But there was another spoof released in 1985: Garbage Pail Kids trading cards

Produced by Topps, these cards were the brain-child of Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman.

Each card featured a kid with an abnormality. And a humorous name.

Each card had a number followed by either A or B. As there was two versions of each card. In 1987 there was a live action Garbage Pail Kids movie released. It was a major bomb, it made only $1.6 million and cost nearly that to make

By this time the cards had begun to draw a fair share of controversy

They were banned by schools for being a distraction. And groups protested their vulgar content

In 1988 the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids sued them for copyright infringement. They were forced to change the faces of the characters to less resemble Cabbage Patch Kids and the font of the logo was changed

They have since released these flashback series cards

After the 30th anniversary a new series was released each year with a different theme.

Where you a Garbage Pail Kid?