Well I don’t know about you but when I see someone doing something wrong I am always quick to help set people straight. I don’t like seeing people going all zig zaggying in life. So when I saw this poor girl playing one of my favorite games the wrong way I had to step in.


I like playing old arcade games you see. And there is a place right up the street from me that has a few that I am really good at. One of my old time favorites is Ass Invaders. It has a real simple premise….just get things inside the ass before your timer runs out or you end up dying.


Well I quietly watched her for a while. She could not get anything inside her ass. She was losing big time. She had only one life left. Finally I spoke up.


I said “can I show you something.” She said “sure I guess.”


I said “your playing the game all wrong. Just keep your eyes on the screen honey. I’m going to show you how to win at this game.” She smiled and said “oh I’d like that.”


Well lucky for her she came dressed perfectly for this game. She had on a bathing suit and I just slid that thing over and got my joystick ready to show her how to win.


And I fucked her in the ass.