Well back in the day I used to be a real doctor. Years of playing Operation and taking out funny bones prepared me for the lucrative career in helping others. giphy.gif

Just look at the dough I used to get while playing. I was the best back in the day. No one could take out a funny bone faster than I could. Anyway when I finally opened up my office it was a dream come true. Years of funny bones had finally paid off.


My new office was in a great place. The rent was practically nothing and there was plenty of people who would come in to use my bathroom and shoot up. Anyway one of the oddest things happened one day. This lady came in saying she was having strange headaches.


Well I introduced my self and asked her how long she had had her problem.


She said it had been bothering her for a few months. But it really didn’t start bugging her until she started losing hair brushes in the back of her head. I thought that was odd. So I told her to take her gown off so I could have a better look at her.


I work best when my patients are naked. I don’t want anything getting in the way.


So I checked her vitals and made sure nothing was out of the ordinary. Her lungs and heart sounded fine as well as pretty much everything else.


Well after checking out the basic stuff I decided to check the back of her head. She said she had lost 6 hair brushes back their. I started feeling around on the back of her head  and almost immediately I felt something soft and wet and sticky.


I soon realized there was a hole in the back of this poor woman’s head. The more I poked my finger in it the more the lady seemed to moan. She was clearly in some kind of pain.


I was quite concerned for this poor lady so I quickly tried something. I started licking her strange hole to see if that might relieve some of the pain she was feeling.


Well after a few minutes of that this lady had enough. She clearly was in a lot of pain and I feared if I did’t perform some emergency procedures she might not make it.


So I pulled my pants down and told her to lean back into me on the gurney….I told her she might feel some slight pressure but everything should be just fine.


After a few minutes of applying pressure in her hole with my penis I blew my load inside it. I told her that should fix her problem and if not to just come back in tomorrow….no appointment needed.