What Non-Physical Quality Do You Find Attractive?

While looks can often be enough to draw you towards a person, it can’t always keep it. I’ve had a chance with several good looking women, but didn’t end up going anywhere with it because I didn’t really like them as people. I’ve been close to dating some ditzy women, but I’m sorry, but dumb girls just aren’t attractive to me. It doesn’t matter how hot they are.

Sure, its a plus to have a partner with big tits, nice ass or a big dick, but sometimes its the non-psychical things that keep you coming back every time. I know a lot of women claim they like funny guys. Humor was never a big deal for me because I don’t often find women funny.

The quality that I seek for in women is that they aren’t outgoing to the point where they are annoying but they are so introverted that when they get upset they become a passive aggressive bitch. There is nothing more annoying than a woman who gets mad and just pouts assuming that you should know what you did to make her mad.

What non-physical quality do you find attractive?