yes sir/maam I can handle that!

So I’m morning drinking between gigs and get to doing some maudlin thinking about what got me this far in life.MSDBARF EC005It also made me wonder how people like me could ever find a niche in the civilized (76)That’s when the roofing gang showed up to present me with my moment of (78)We make space for the defective among us because nothing soothes the soul like the free charity of making a fuck up feel like he is taking care of himself like inviting them to our home to get paid for shitty work.nailgunWe all know this guy and we know he can roll a doobie with the other hand and pop a top with his teeth. Yet still somehow or another we become enamored with the nobility of the working man. We are willing to overlook his flaws and give him license to have his way with our most valued (82)Think about it if you see me coming. If there was something else I could do would I do this?download (83)