Hollyweed Pilot Featuring Kevin Smith

I posted last week about Kevin Smith’s show Hollyweed and Smith followed up with the news of the show by posting the pilot that can now be seen for free on Youtube

The pilot comes with a call to action. If fans want to see more they’ll have to contribute money in order to get the rest of the season greenlit. The pilot was originally filmed nearly 3 years ago, but didn’t have any takers at the time. The tail end of this pilot was shot recently as its quite noticeable that Smith lost a lot of weight in the gap between filming.

You can pledge money to help the show get a full season and there are 45 days left to raise the funds needed. If you do decide to pledge and the goal is not reached then you are not charged.

The show features Smith, Jason Mewes and Smith’s podcast co-host Ralph Garman.

I watched the episode. I may contribute a bit to it. I thought it was fun enough to watch, but you can tell that the budget was fairly small. There were a handful of solid jokes. The Clerks dynamic was definitely there and it was written well enough.