There apparently is a wonderful trend going on out there in the wake world. Instead of just sticking a body in a casket like the good old days families are posing the bodies of loved ones in a pose that best represents them. Such as doing something they enjoyed while alive. Christopher Rivera

This guy loved boxing so his family put him in a ring for people to say their goodbyes to and take photos with.

Puerto Rico Standing Wake

Here are a few family members taking one last photo to member him by. Who doesn’t want a great last picture with someone they loved….who cares if they are dead.


This guy liked playing dominoes.


Friends and family actually set this guy up at the wake so they all could play one last poker game together.


This poor kid who was only 18 when he got shot while out walking his dog last month. He loved playing video games on his PS4, eating Doritos and loved the Celtics.

How would you like to be posed at your wake?

Do you plan to pose any of your family members?