Is Kylo Ren Redeemable?

I can say with certainty that after The Last Jedi Kylo Ren is my favorite character of all the new characters and if they can deliver on his finale he’ll probably be one of my favorite characters in the whole saga. I really loved anything in The Last Jedi that involved Luke, Rey or Kylo. Now that Episode IX is creeping up and ready to begin filming soon there is a lot of chatter among fans about whether Kylo Ren is worthy of redemption. Some firmly believe that he should be, and some feel that he has already chosen his path. Currently, I sit somewhere in the middle.

I do think that Rian Johnson did almost anything he could to double down and show that Kylo would not be returning to the light side of the Force. He was given a chance to swap sides and join Rey, but once again he chose darkness, just like he did when he killed his father. Still, Johnson made the character that much more tragic. In some ways I can sympathize with him possibly more than any other character in the trilogy. Personally I think I would be completely happy with whatever direction they take with Kylo Ren. I like the character enough that I’d be happy to see him redeemed, but I’m not currently sure whether he’s earned it.

Think about it. After Empire Strikes Back did anyone really think that Darth Vader was going to end up redeemed? There really aren’t any hints in that film that he was feeling any conflict at all, and he probably wasn’t. Return of the Jedi is the film that establishes that story and it all plays out over the course of that one movie. So, if JJ Abrams chose to redeem Kylo Ren I think he could pull it off in a reasonable way. I have no idea what would trigger that redemption, but its a possibility. Maybe his mother’s death?

In some ways I’d rather not see him redeemed because we all know that the storyline has been done. It’d be too similar to the original trilogy then. There are some people that decided that Kylo wasn’t worthy of redemption the moment Han Solo was killed. Kylo didn’t really do a whole lot of shitty stuff in The Last Jedi. Apart from kill Snoke, who was easily more evil than him.

In some ways Kylo Ren reached a level that Darth Vader could not. He is the Supreme Leader of the First Order. Vader spent his whole life in service of the Emperor. What are the chances that a person in the most powerful position in the galaxy is going to switch sides? Its probably not very likely.

I hope this will spawn a bit of a debate, but I have no idea what will happen, and really no one does.

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