It was on this day 31 years ago that Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece stealth game first arrived.  Originally first published by Konami in 1987 for the MSX2 computer it would later go on to be ported to the NES the same year. The game’s story and game play revolved around the special forces operative Solid Snake who was a one man sneaker army who went  around in hostile territory avoiding detection. His mission was to destroy the Metal Gear tank thing that was sort of like Ed-209 from Robocop that could launch nukes.

This game of course spawned many sequels. Currently the director of Kong Island  Jordan Vogt-Roberts is working on putting together a movie based on the franchise.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts Tweeted out a message to fans today regarding today’s celebration and his progress on the film. Check it out bellow….hopefully the link works.