Last Saturday I was taking an afternoon nap on my buddies couch. He let’s me hang out at his killer pad and do drugs anytime I want. So after a crazy Friday night all I wanted to do was chill you know. I had been up all night and into the early morning so I needed some rest time.

About 2 in the afternoon, after only a few hours of rest, I heard someone come in through the front door. I did my best to just ignore whoever it was but that person decided to intentionally interrupt my slumber.


I was chilling away when I heard someone jump onto the couch next to me and say “Hey wake up I want to play.” I looked up and there was my buddies sister.


Well I was still high as a kite from all the drugs I had done last night. I was feeling good but really tired still.


She started to pull my shorts down but I grabbed them and flipped her the bird and said “Fuck you bitch!” I pulled my shorts back up and gave her the potato stink eye.


She looked a little upset by my reaction. I told her “Hey I have the best high in the world going on right now and your not going to ruin it with your tight wet 18 year old pussy. Now GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”

Well she stormed out of the room crying and I went back to my glorious nap. I hate it when chicks see my hotness and think they can just use my body like a sex toy. Noway…..I will not let these shallow minded woman use me like that.