Summer brings with it the fun heat we all love and enjoy. Nothing beats hanging outside when the temperature is in the 90’s or 100’s. Throw in some great humidity and you have some winning conditions for some real fun.

Well some people think when it gets hot out they need to cool their insides down by having some ice-cream or yogurt or shaved ice. The ice cream trend seems to keep reinventing itself every few years…..because we really need a new excuse to eat ice-cream or something that tastes like it. Plane old ice-cream on a cone was fine maybe 30 years ago but not this day and age. That simple stuff your parents used to enjoy from Savon is for old people now…..not for hip people out there that take their ice-cream seriously. Premium ice-cream eating is now the way to go baby.


If your not as cool and as colorful as your ice-cream well than you really aren’t living life to the fullest are you. I make sure I’m wearing my favorite lip stick when I go out to eat ice-cream….always. These new colorful premium ice-creams are of course all made in the shop right there. Which means if your ready to get your premium ice-cream on you better be ready to fork out some premium money for that thing as well…..because only losers eat cheap ice-cream at Savon.

I know I started this discussion with some point in mind but I completely forget were I was going with all this. Having a point really doesn’t matter. Anyways… you ONLY eat ice-cream at premium places or do you prefer the loser Savon brand?

Were do you like to get your ice-cream on and what do like to wear when your eating it?