Trolling Along The Disqus River

Have you been handling yourself maturely today? I know I haven’t. I have been out on a Promotional Tour around Disqus the past month. Making nice with groups so I can drop TGO advertising into their threads, trying to raise our profile. It’s been mostly successful. It’s a bit tricky for me to turn off the TGO and not just get banned everywhere. I dumb it down at bit. I got a few channel owners to make me a mod. But one place thought they were smarter than me. The damn anime kids. They revolted and got me kicked out as mod. So I like to go there and piss all over their discussion and chase away their traffic. But do it in ways they haven’t banned me for yet. It’s my game of Fuck-Fuck.

Here is the original art I’ve been posting there today. KHALEDISM is the name of the channel