Getting wasted in Pershing Square while listening to Lo-Fi

Hey TGO. Yesterday I took my wife to a free concert in Beautiful downtown Los Angeles. Pershing Square to be exact. The old 80s group The Bangles were the headliner and opening for them were Best Coast. Here is the view from the park.


I was sucking on my trusty vape pen pretty heavy and got super wasted. FlavRx brand. Passionfruit. Hybrid. Here is a picture of the stage.


My wife wanted to see the Bangles but I went to see Best Coast because the singer is HAF and the lead guitar player Bob Bruno is a certified nerd/badass highbrid. Bob tore it up pretty good and the singer was super hot in a wierd way and her voice was really cool sounding cause I was higher than those skyscrapers. Here is Best Coast.


The picture came out pretty good with this one because it was right before it got dark at about 8:15. Here’s a picture of the bangles later that evening.


Yep,  The camera on my iPhone is an absolute screaming piece of shit.

I had planned to get some video but was so wasted that I totally spaced it out. It’s funny, they dug through my wife’s purse and took a bunch of shit out and still did not find her bottle of 7-Up and then never bothered to search me at all. I could’ve made some easy cash selling joints all night, there were hot young stoner lookin chicks everywhere. Oh well, maybe next time.

Peace out TGO!