1. Adults who cut up all their meat into pieces before they eat it.

2. Gum chewers

3. People who have long conversations on their cell phone when I’m in the same room as they are.

4. Adults who Cry

5. Knuckle popping or any other body part. I hate that sound

6. Nail biters

7. People who leave the room when watching a movie and don’t ask me to pause it.

8. People who only like one genre of music.

9. Texting and driving

10. Loud talkers

11. Most TV shows

12. People who mumble (I hate asking ‘what did you say’ more than once).

13. When I have to ask for something back that I let someone borrow. I’d rather the person just keep it.

14. People who talk about trucks all the time

15. People who don’t clean up their dog shit

16. People that cook their meat past medium rare

17. People who think America won WW2

18. People who think fruit is good for you (fruit is pure sugar, you fucking retard). You can add vitamin C to a cup of sugar then eat it, but you’ll still get fat!

19. People who don’t wave back (makes me uncomfortable)

20. People you think they know a lot about video games just because they like them (trust me, you know Jack shit).