Clone Wars is Coming Back

San Diego Comic-Con is getting underway with a big bang with one of the first big announcements of the event. The Clone Wars is coming back. The show ended abruptly back in 2014 despite pretty good reception from fans. Fans were speculating about an announcement regarding the show after the 10th anniversary panel was announced a few weeks ago.

The series is set to return with at least 12 all new episodes that will debut on the Disney streaming service expected to launch in 2019. There is no word if the series will continue past that point or not. The last episode aired in 2014 after 5 seasons. It debuted in 2008 after a poorly reviewed movie, but eventually it gained traction and gained quite a following. It was actually the second show that took place during the space between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

There doesn’t seem to be any word on whether George Lucas is involved in this series or not. The Clone Wars is one of the last Star Wars related properties that he actually had a hand in. Dave Filoni is involved as expected. It’d be nice if they did bring George back so he could bring an end to the series.

Star Wars: Resistance is already expected to be released this fall, so it looks like Star Wars animation is going to have a full slate over the next few months.

Here is a short trailer.