Maybe She’s Born With It. MAYBE IT’S SEMEN.

Sure, we know there are many benefits that come along with sex but could there be more to it than that? This study suggests there is.

The State University of New York carried out a study/survey in which they were able to compare the sex lives of almost 300 women to one another and their mental health. This study was quite ‘different’ to say the least as it went more in-depth than you’d think. They found that seminal fluid contains chemicals that elevate mood, induce sleep, increase affection, and contain at least three ‘anti-depressants.’

They noticed that women who have sex regularly without using protection are less depressed and able to perform better mentally. Given that sperm contains things like serotonin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and melatonin I could see how it would benefit some. Semen may be a lot more mind-altering than we give it credit for.

The most important parts of this study were published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviors. We absorb semen quickly and its benefits can even be detected through our bloodstream. That being said, I don’t think having unprotected sex is a good thing. STDs and pregnancies are still very real despite the possible antidepressant properties of sperm.

The abstract for this study goes as follows:

In a sample of sexually active college females, condom use, as an indirect measure of the presence of semen in the reproductive tract, was related to scores on the Beck Depression Inventory. Not only were females who were having sex without condoms less depressed, but depressive symptoms and suicide attempts among females who used condoms were proportional to the consistency of condom use. For females who did not use condoms, depression scores went up as the amount of time since their last sexual encounter increased. These data are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize depressive symptoms and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration.

On top of all of this, semen is pretty much like a multivitamin when you think about it. It contains tons of different proteins and healthy vitamins and minerals. While the amount of each vitamin and so forth will vary from partner to partner a helping of sperm is essentially a dose of something useful.