One Mat Gang Doing Great Things

If I’m going to set the World Record Vertical Jump I’m going to need to work on my reflexes. Test my endurance. And see what kind of inner strength I truly have. When you want to test yourself you have to face the best. Who is tougher than homeless people

So I wandered to the local park looking for a bum to fight. Only I didn’t see anyone. So I waited a bit. Then as luck would have it, a challenger arrived

This drunk guy taking a nap. I’ll let him get some rest. Then I’m waking him up and kicking his ass.

It’s almost dark. He is really passed out. I better go wake him and show him what kind of man I am

He woke up and I fought him. Beat his ass good.

First day of training is off to a smashing start. I set a world record and kicked some dudes ass. All in a days work for a winner