Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Fact or Fiction?

The grilled cheese sandwich as we know it can be traced back to the 1920’s. This was when the first commercial bread slicer was invented, allowing fully sliced loaves to be sold. This, along with James L. Kraft obtaining a patent for processed cheese, helped pave the way for the popularity of the grilled cheese sandwich.

At first, toasted cheese sandwiches were served open face. It was one slice of bread with grated cheese toasted on top. Then in the 1940’s Kraft individually wrapped cheese slices first appeared in stores. Then a second slice of bread was added to the top, thus giving birth to the grilled cheese sandwich that’s known today.

You butter one side of the bread, place it face down in a hot pan and top with cheese. Brown both sides. It’s that simple. But it’s also where the lies reside.

Why is it called “grilled” cheese if it’s pan fried? Shouldn’t it be fried cheese?

Have you ever cooked a grilled cheese sandwich on the grill?

Is grilled cheese all just a big damn lie?