What’s the Best Decade for Music?

Sometimes I feel like music has gotten progressively worse or more lazy over the last decade or more, but that’s mostly because of mainstream pop music. There are also a lot of talented indie acts that get more attention in the online age than they ever would’ve in the years before the internet. Most people who claim there is no good music anymore just haven’t dug deep enough.

What is the best era for music in your opinion? I find that most people’s favorite tends to be the era that they grew up in, but every now and then there are some younger kids that are able to discover some musicians of old. I know I did that to some extent.

I’d expect a lot of people to say the 70s because even most of the pop music in that era required some talent and pop music is almost always the worst genre of music there is. There are still a lot of huge songs from the 1970s that still get a lot of attention and some of the greatest song writers were at their peak during that time. It was also the last of the era when the look or gimmick behind the band didn’t mean as much. In the years that followed there seemed to be more “one hit wonders” that had a lot of success many of them being pretty offbeat songs. It still happens every now and then. Remember the Gangnam Style guy? Don’t worry, no one does. Except for Korea maybe.

What was the best decade for music?