Its International Cat Day

Time to celebrate your feline friend with a violent session of love making because its International Cat Day. If anyone deserves to have a day devoted to them its cats. Most cat owners don’t willingly except cats and most time they don’t pay for them either. They are just dirty stray animals that they mistakenly let into their house during a rain shower and now they won’t leave. Then most of them have pretty shitty personalities too.

I haven’t once had a cat I liked. Even if my current cat got hit by a car I don’t think I’d care. Unfortunately the little bastard is too smart. Needless to say I’m more of a dog person.

Be sure to have your annual three way with Garfield and Nermal, because I think that’s what the other cats name was.

Happy International Cat Day to all the TGO cats out there. I say we all celebrate by willingly licking our own assholes.