How Do You Deal With Solicitors?

There is nothing worse than hearing your doorbell and walking out to your door and seeing solicitors there. They’re worse than telemarketers because there are just that much more invasive. Especially now when going door to door selling isn’t really as acceptable as it used to be.

I’ve worked in sales before so I sometimes have a little bit of sympathy for these people because they are just trying to do their jobs. Whether they’re selling insurance or trying to convert me so they can get into heaven. Most times I try to get them to go away without being a total dick to them, but some of them are so pushy that its actually pretty hard to do that.

How do you deal with solicitors? Do you put the sticker on the door telling them to go away? Do you shoot them? Do you ask them where they live and then go to their house and kill their family and then when they come home you kill them too? Do you pull their pants down in front of the cool kids? Do you ask them to come inside and have sex with you? Because I’m pretty sure Jehovah Witnesses aren’t allowed to be gay so they’ll probably turn you down.