Resistance is Set 6 Months Before The Force Awakens

We got the first trailer for Star Wars: Resistance over the weekend, after a bit of a lull in Star Wars news over the past week or two. According to the Star Wars site its been confirmed that the show only takes place 6 months before The Force Awakens.

It makes a bit of sense. The Force Awakens was when the fight between the First Order and Resistance really started to take shape. It seemed like it basically a Cold War until Starkiller Base destroyed the Republic. As far as I know the conflict between the Resistance and First Order was non-violent up until then.

Since this series does take place so close to the start of the movie it could be possible that we’re in for a fairly short series. If you stuff too much adventure into a 6 month period its going to get ridiculous. I wouldn’t rule out that this series could actually run alongside the first two movies and give us a different perspective of the events. Still, I’d expect the series to end around when The Force Awakens starts.

Rebels had a fairly reasonable run at 4 seasons, but it took place over years instead of just a few months. I wouldn’t be shocked if Resistance limits itself to just 3 seasons or possibly even less.