The Eagles Pass Michael Jackson For Highest Selling American Album

I never hated Michael Jackson, but he was never really from my era. Still, its pretty hard to doubt how huge Thriller was. That’s why I’m really surprised to see that The Eagles have just passed Thriller to become the highest grossing album of all time in America.

Albums have their sales recertified every few years and The Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975  released in 1976 have passed 38x platinum while Thriller was given the updated number of 33x  platinum in 2017. Not only did The Eagles get the number one album in America, but Hotel California was also recertified and it gained the third spot with regards to American sales. The Eagles are one of the most popular bands in America, but I think their overall sales are much smaller overseas.

I still think that AC/DC’s Back in Back is the second highest selling album of all time behind Thriller when the worldwide market is considered. AC/DC are obviously more popular in Europe than The Eagles are because they don’t have the country roots. Still this is a pretty good accomplishment considering the album is several years older than Thriller. It shows that people still play classic records and they still have their fans. I’m sure Glen Frey’s death in 2016 spawned more sales as well. The Eagles actually owned the top spot for about a decade until Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 caused the spike in sales.

Do you own the Eagles Greatest Hits album?