Bird Time! With One Mat Gang

🎶 One Mat Gang

Look over there

Is that a bird

Up in the air?

🎶 One Mat Gang

Up in the pines

What could it be?

It’s Bird Time!

Oh Ingrid! You are the best.

5 Facts About Ingrid

1- Ingrid was a gift to me from David “Ice” Maxwell

2- Never give Ingrid a golden shower after midnight. I’m not sure why. When David gave Ingrid to me I asked him what Ingrid eats and David said “Ingrid will eat your mother and never give Ingrid a golden shower after midnight. Piss on her all you want before then…or…”

Then I got bored of listening to David. I started making faces at Ingrid. And feeding her pretzels. So I don’t know what else he said.

Well, stay on the watch until next the next episode.

Thanks for watching Bird Time!