Harrison Ford Was in The Fugitive

I watched The Fugitive on the weekend and its honestly one of the best cable movies. You can watch it just about any time, but this was the first time I was actually able to watch it from start to finish instead of bits and pieces.

Harrison Ford is in it, Tommy Lee Jones was in it, Harrison Ford was in it, Julianne Moore was in it when she was still sorta hot, the lesbian from Glee was in it for a few minutes and Harrison Ford is in it.

Harrison Ford has a killer beard for the first half hour and he has a nice slicked back hairdo for some of it too. There’s this one part of the movie when Harrison Ford is running through the sewer while Tommy Lee Jones is chasing him. Then Tommy Lee Jones slips, and Harrison Ford gets his gun. He says “I didn’t kill my wife” and then Tommy Lee Jones says “I don’t care”. ITS SO AWESOME.

Do you like to watch The Fugitive with Harrison Ford?