Chewbacca’s Role in Episode IX Just Got Bigger

Star Wars News Net has revealed that Chewbacca, and the man who plays him Joonas Suotamo had already completed all the filming that needed to be done for Episode IX. This happened while he was on the set for Solo. Now Suotamo had to cancel a Comic-Con appearance in order to head to the set and do some more filming because of re-writes.

Now, this doesn’t seem like much for news, but SWNN did a little bit of healthy speculation. It could be possible that Chewie’s role has gotten bigger because of the decision to bring Billy Dee Williams back as Lando Calrissian. Chewie is really the only living character that has a previous relationship with Lando and reunion with the two would make for a nice moment since it will probably be hard for Carrie Fisher to appear with Lando.

This information would basically mean that bringing Lando into the movie was a later thought. Possibly after the character was praised in Solo. I’m glad that they decided to bring Chewbacca back because if he did most of his work on the set of Solo then that likely means he wasn’t going to share much time with any of the main characters.