Is It Time For The Media and Fans to Finally Shut Up About The Last Jedi?

Its been about 8 months since The Last Jedi hit theaters. It’s been nearly 3 months since Solo hit theaters and somehow the mixed reception to The Last Jedi still dominates film sites and Star Wars discussion forums. People are still throwing their same likes and dislikes online. If you loved the movie or hated the movie isn’t it time to be over it by now? Solo was released and pretty much forgotten because The Last Jedi opinions are still dominating the Star Wars fanbase.

The worst part about the backlash surrounding this movie is how film clickbait has thrived. There are plenty of sites that are still writing daily articles on The Last Jedi. A movie that came out last December. What is the point wallowing in it? Is there anything more than can possibly be said about the movie that hasn’t been?

I saw someone point out that the trailer for Star Wars: Resistance has 5 times more dislikes than it has likes, and its probably for reasons that have nothing to do with the actual trailer. Its a kids show. No one is making you watch it. Any official post by the Star Wars website always ends up with hundreds of comments complaining about the direction the studio is going.

There was a decent of amount of whining online when The Force Awakens was released. The whole “its just a rehash of A New Hope” was the popular angle. People were able to get past that, but maybe it was only because they had something else to complain about. Some would argue that The Clone Wars coming back was enough to bring the fans together once again, but I would  say a couple of weeks after that announcement things were back to normal again.

Its not just people who don’t like the movie. I would argue that the fans who like it are pretty much just as bad as the people who don’t like it. Its taken us more than 8 months to agree to disagree. People who liked the film are unable to see the reasons why somebody else may not like it and they’re shaming them for being haters. Then that just keeps the cycle going. The only way the fanbase is ever going to be move forward is if they just get over it. Some arguments don’t need to be won.

Is it finally time for the Star Wars fanbase to move on from The Last Jedi?